So exhausted I hide in my closet

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Sri Chinmoy loved tennis and would spend many hours each day playing it

Now I'll tell you one story I've told many times but I rarely tell the ending to the story. We were playing tennis in Bali and it was very, very hot and humid. Finally the game ended and I went back to my room. I was exhausted.  

Just a few minutes later I heard some boys and my roommate screaming, "Mahiyan, Guru wants to play some more." I was so tired that I hid in the closet in my room. They couldn't find me, and finally they left.

The end of the story is that I started feeling guilty because I thought that since Guru wants to play tennis, I should play. I put on a dry shirt and went back to the tennis court, but Guru never played with me anymore that day. He played with other boys.

That was a lesson for me: Always try and do what Guru requests.

There is no special right moment.
Every moment is the right moment
To please your Master.

Sri Chinmoy 1